IT Security

With the growing threat of hackers, viruses spam, phishing and identity theft, Email security is a priority for all businesses. The cost of a success attack via email or any other method can be high, Flyford Connect recommend different solutions based on type of business and budget for a safe network environment.

IT Security from Flyford

Protecting your data is as important as having a lock on your office door. Without the correct security in place its almost certain that your companies data is at risk. Software installed on computers and servers will offer protection as well as gateway protection such as firewalls, but it doesn’t stop there IT Security will often include staff training. Training staff is likely to reduce the risk of virus infection for more than you might think.

Flyford Connect talk you through the right protection for your business. Basic protection will come in the form of Anti-malware, Email protection and firewall. Next we look at how you operate, the type of data you hold and view data handling habits. Following our initial assessment we will provide you with a comprehensive report and recommendation.

Email Security from the Cloud

Anti-spam for businesses

Our Email Security makes enterprise-class email filtering available to all types of buesiness. More than 90 deep and intelligent tests are run on every single email, ensuring that 99% of all spam is identified and removed before it even reaches its destination.

Email Security detection process
  1. Boundary Layer Check – checks if the destination email address is valid, otherwise the email is immediately rejected
  2. Vulnerability Detection – identifies mailserver and email client security exploits that have yet to be detected by the anti-virus scanners
  3. AntiVirus Protection – scans email content and attachments to prevent known viruses reaching the inbox
  4. AntiSpam protection – 90+ deep tests intelligently detect spam sent to the destination email addresses