Virtual server technologies provide companies with the ability to do more with less, enabling the consolidation of data and applications onto single servers. This results in reduced costs, simplified IT and minimised space requirements. Virtualisation is effectively a method to to deploy multiple server operating systems on the same physical server which share and utilise the same resources.


Saving you Money

If you are opening a new office virtualisation should be considered highly as it will radically reduce your initial hardware costs. We will talk with you to understand what exactly you want to achieve and provide the most cost effective solution which fits your business IT requirements.

Future Ready

Flyford Connect will ensure that your physical environment is built for the future. Once you have deployed your virtualised environment, software licences will be the only future overhead your business will incur which will drastically reduce your total cost of ownership. If new servers are required they can be created on demand with ease.

Another layer of protection

Virtualisation offers an additional layer of protection with the use of snapshots. Snapshots can easily and efficiently be taken at any time using the virtual server console. This will allow for quick restores back to the point in time when the snapshot was taken.This functionality is available in all virtualisation software packages such as VMware and Xen.