Microsoft 365 is a subscription that can aid your business in many ways.  Microsoft 365 allows you to work from anywhere, as long as your device is connected to the internet. Therefore, you can continue working wherever you happen to be, whether you’re travelling on the train to a business meeting or a conference, spending the day outside or working from home. Your work will always be with you to keep you on top of your deadlines, and you will never miss essential business-related emails again!


There are many advantages to Microsoft 365. You can access it on your PC, Mac, IOS or Android device (with a similar set-up) wherever you may be. It is entirely cloud-based and available to be accessed on any device you have. This makes it incredibly efficient for all business owners, whether their companies are small or vast. Whether you are based in your office or on the go, you will receive a similar set-up with an extensive set of productivity tools- no matter from which device you are viewing it. This feature has been essential to many business owners during the current pandemic as many offices were temporarily closed due to lockdown. However, with the new features, employees were able to carry on working from home and have all their valuable information right in front of them.


Another practical feature of Microsoft 365, you get a top-of-the-line setup with numerous software applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint and more.


Without this software on your devices, it may be detrimental to your business. Each element individually has an essential role in the daily running of a company, which makes having Microsoft 365 even more vital! Having all these tools at your disposal will help you work more efficiently and make your, and your employees, working lives run smoother than ever.


When the current pandemic sent us into lockdown, staff meetings and briefings became overly complicated. It became difficult to have a briefing with all your staff in one place at the same time whilst also following government guidelines about social distancing. We all understand how hard it can be to understand what people are saying behind face masks.


However, with Microsoft 365, you can communicate with your team by hosting online meetings and video calls with up to 300 people! You heard that right, Microsoft 365 offers the ability to talk to up to 300 people at one time via online meetings or video calls with Microsoft Teams.


Your business can be helped dramatically in staying connected and up to date with one another, no matter what is happening or where your team may be. Whether your employees can’t get into the office due to the current pandemic, or they have taken a day off, you will always be able to stay in touch with your team with quality videos due to multi-party HD videos.


With larger businesses needing a vast amount of storage, due to the considerable number of documents they may hold, it is paramount that you have a subscription that has an adequately sized storage space. That is why Microsoft 365 is a fantastic tool for businesses.


You can access 1 TB of OneDrive Cloud storage on whichever device you are working on as long as you connect to the internet. When you are finished working on a file, you can save it directly into a chosen OneDrive folder. Once you have saved your file, all changes made are shown across all your devices that are synchronised to your OneDrive.


One of the other practical tools on Microsoft 365 is that you can brand your business-class email address with your company name to build your reputation across many platforms. Microsoft 365 has made it easy to create customised marketing materials to market your business, build your reputation and put your company on the market.


Within Microsoft 365, you will have access to Microsoft Outlook. This will allow you to keep all your emails organised and in one place. Microsoft 365 offers you a 50GB mailbox, so no matter how large your business is, you will have more than enough storage for all your emails.


This subscription also offers you to create your custom domain using your business name. As has been mentioned, this will help you promote your company and build your reputation in whichever category your business may fall in.


Microsoft Exchange allows you to receive business-class emails to your mobile, tablet, or desktop, meaning you can also reply to emails wherever you may be or on whichever device you have on hand.


Being organised is a crucial factor of a smooth-running business. Therefore, having an easy to use and easy to access calendar is a large factor of a successful business. When you are running a business, we all need to jot down important reminders such as meetings and deadlines. You can share available meeting times, schedule meetings, and get reminders to your synched devices about dates coming up.


The biggest and one of the most crucial factors of any business is security. All businesses hold personal information on either their staff or clients. Therefore, keeping this information secure and private is paramount. If you have Microsoft 365, you can control who has access to your confidential business information and when people can view this with internal security groups and custom permissions.


Businesses receive a vast number of emails daily, which means you will want to avoid receiving spam emails and known threats to your software. However, with Microsoft 365, you can prevent this with Exchange Online Protection. With this subscription, you have access to over 1,000 security and privacy controls to help keep your business secure and safe.


Microsoft 365 can help support and expand your business in many ways. From improving your communication within your team to building your business names recognition. Microsoft 365 can and will make your working life that little bit easier. So, if you are contemplating improving your company, then get in touch today to find out more about what Microsoft 365 can bring to your business.

So, whether you are working in your office, or on the go, if you want to have a familiar and top-of-the-line set of productivity tools Microsoft 365 is the software for you.

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