Moving Office?

Are you moving office?

Flyford Connect walk you through the full process of moving your IT and Telephone systems to your new office. Moving office can be very stressful, let us help by project managing everything from Data Cabling, Internet provisioning to equipment relocating.


  • We help with Office Layout Design
  • Cable and Wireless Network Design
  • Internet Connection Provisioning
  • Telephone Number Forward or Relocation
  • Telephone System Relocation
  • Computer Equipment Relocation / Update / Replace
  • Server and Network Equipment Relocation / Update / Replace

Things to think about when moving office

Moving office can be a big task. It can feel like you have an endless list of ‘things to do’. Some of the main considerations are focused on Work space and layout, but you should also be thinking about how your IT and Telephone systems are going to fit with the new office. Here are a few things to consider when moving office.

  • Internet Connectivity – What type of Internet connection do you require? The answer is normally “the fastest”, but what type of connection is required?
  • Deciding your desk layouts – Is there adequate power to all your devices? We would recommend two double power sockets and at least two Data Points per computer. Don’t forget your printer locations and any other hardwired devices.
  • Wireless Access Points – We often see Wireless Access Points forgotten about when designing the network layout. Ensure Access Points are located in areas to give full office coverage.
  • Time Scales for Internet Installation – You are almost ready to move into your new office. But don’t book the removal men just yet. How long will it take to provision and test your Internet Services? Booking the Installation of your services should be your first on your to do list.
  • Multisite Connectivity – Do you require Network connections between sites? Again, how long will it take for the service to become active?

This is a small list of things to consider, talk to us today if you are thinking of moving office.


Considering your next Internet connection? Have you also considered our other services?


Fibre Broadband is the go to solution for a lot of Business. However, Ethernet First Mile should be a consideration for business that require a reliable connection with guaranteed speeds. Typically your Internet provider will state a 9 hour, or better, return to service agreement.

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Multisite Business?

Do you have a Multisite Company that needs connectivity between the sites? There are a number of ways to offer site to site connectivity. At Flyford Connect we will guide you through the steps and costs involved when providing site to site connectivity.

  • Software VPN
  • Hardware VPN
  • IP VPN

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Managed IT Support

Our IT Support saves both time and money. We provide proactive solutions with 24/7 network monitoring, we aim to find the problems before they find you.

  • Onsite / Remote Technical Support
  • Proactive IT Solutions
  • Proactive Network Monitoring and Solutions
  • Crisis Response
  • Network Management

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