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Business Virtual Private Network

Do you have a Multisite Company that needs connectivity between the sites? There are a number of ways to offer site to site connectivity. At Flyford Connect we will guide you through the steps and costs involved when providing site to site connectivity. Small business might choose to use a software approach, where connections are established between Firewalls located on each site. Large business will often choose a dedicated service from an Internet Service Provider that effectively provides a dedicated connection through the BT Network to each Site.

VPN for Multisite Company’s

SME’s with multiple sites often choose a VPN solution that uses Firewall Hardware located at each site to establish secure connectivity. The connections are done by using the public Internet so can be effected by bandwidth issues and decreased speeds. We often find that the lower costs make this type of connection a great fit for our customers that do not require a guaranteed transfer speed between sites and rely on the connection for business critical applications. Small Multisite Company’s will find this solution great to improve productivity.

IP VPN for Multisite Company’s

IP VPN is perfect for Multisite Company’s that require dedicated speeds with unrivalled performance and reliability. Perfect for business critical applications, Video conferencing to name a few. IP VPN is classed as a layer 2 service which means traffic bypasses the public Internet making its connections via dedicated lines.


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Fibre Broadband is the go to solution for a lot of Business. However, Ethernet First Mile should be a consideration for business that require a reliable connection with guaranteed speeds. Typically your Internet provider will state a 9 hour, or better, return to service agreement.

Moving Office?

It can be stressful moving office, why not let us take some of the stress away? We can help move your Business IT Systems, Telephone Systems and numbers. Our project management team will ensure we have covered all bases before the big move

  • Telephone Numbers
  • Internet Setup
  • Multisite Connections Established
  • IT Systems Move including Servers and Computers

Managed IT Support

Our IT Support saves both time and money. We provide proactive solutions with 24/7 network monitoring, we aim to find the problems before they find you.

  • Onsite / Remote Technical Support
  • Proactive IT Solutions
  • Proactive Network Monitoring and Solutions
  • Crisis Response
  • Network Management

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