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Flyford Connect provides an Installation Service for servers, computers and full networks. The first stage of any installation is the design, we take our time to understand our customers’ needs and make appropriate recommendations. Our recommendation might include:

  • Cable and Wireless Connectivity
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Multisite Connectivity
  • Communications Room Layout and Cooling
  • Number of Staff / Computers / Telephones
  • Deadlines


One of the main complaints that we get from computer users is that their computer or laptop is slow. In past years, it was common to replace equipment when it was slow, but now there is another option. Solid State Drives and Memory upgrades in computers and laptops make a huge improvement on performance and will often outperform new machines.


Your computers and servers are some of the most important equipment in your business. They hold important data and manage your day to day services. This is why it’s important to keep your machines in top condition. An IT Refresh is usually scheduled at pre-determined dates from when the equipment was originally purchased. Typically, corporate organisations replace computers every 3-4 years and server equipment every 5-6 years. Experience has shown that small businesses prefer to maintain their equipment until hardware failure or updated software is sluggish.


Staff that rely on their computers to do their work will always benefit from having devices that are reasonably well specced. We have found that a lot of SME’s will generally look at the cost of equipment above anything else; they might not see the benefit of spending an extra £100 on a system to increase speeds.

At Flyford Connect we understand costs are important, but let’s think about it another way. How much money can be saved by spending a little more on equipment or replacing older hardware?

Here are some theoretical costs to demonstrate just how much outdated equipment could be costing your business:

£8.20 per hour to pay staff members
260 days per year working

We all know how frustrating it is to have a slower computer, a few seconds waiting for the computer here and there all add up

5 minutes per day wasted – Compared to a faster machine

So using this theory, the slower computer is costing £176.80 per year when compared to a faster / new machine.

Working out the cost of slower computers will be different in your business, but it’s good to look at buying equipment from a different perspective.


What Our Customer's Say

We contacted Phil at Flyford Connect when we were experiencing major problems with our network system.

His response and efficient manner of dealing with the issues was first class. Based on this, we have contracted Flyford Connect to manage all our IT requirements. We are already 5 months into our first years contract and the service and customer-focused delivery is excellent.

The best part for me is that the continual problems we had with our system have gone and what was once a problem constantly raised at our weekly meetings, very rarely gets a mention now.

Gavin Marsden

PCMS Engineering Ltd

Phil & the team at Flyford Connect have played an integral part in the expansion of Green Mile Trees IT systems. We couldn’t have done it without them. They have always been there to resolve various problems along the way, big or small. We would highly recommend Flyford and thank them for all their help.


Green Mile Trees

Phil was our main point of contact at Flyford Connect who we contacted when we were experiencing problems with our backup servers.

He is very professional and obviously knowledgeable in this specialist field, as he was able to diagnose the situation and suggest a workable solution almost immediately. Since helping us we haven’t had a single issue with our backup servers, therefore I would highly recommend Flyford Connect.

Luke Dixon

57 Digital

I have used the services of Flyford now for the past year and they are excellent. They are responsive to my emails or calls and deal with issues and request I have timely and effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.


Home Instead Senior Care

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