Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup is the process of backing up your important data to remote secure sites. In the event your data is permanently unavailable, organisations are able to recover their data. Faster internet speeds have allowed Cloud Backup to become the preferred method of keeping data safe.

Cloud Backup from Flyford

Online Backup Solutions

We know how important your data is, from emails, word documents, sage databases to photos and music. Our Online Backups are automated so you no longer have to worry about changing the tapes. You can set your backups to run as often as you like and as we check the status of your backups daily, you can relax knowing your data is being backed up securely and reliably.

Remote Monitoring

Find out how we monitor your backup schedules to ensure your data is backed up

Flyford Connect Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring for Business IT Systems

Flyford Connect Online Backup Services in a Nutshell:

  • Backup critical business data files and folders in case of a disaster, theft or hardware failure
  • Easily restore your data from anywhere at any time
  • Schedule your backups to run Weekly, Daily, Hourly or close to real time
  • Flexible retention policy which allows you to restore different versions of your files backed up over a number of weeks
  • System state backups which allow you to restore your machines operating system to how it was before the disaster occurred
  • Backup up your emails, including exchange and brick-level email accounts
  • Highly Encrypted file transfer between your site and the Online backup server
  • Managed service to ensure your files are backing up correctly
  • Automated backups. No changing tapes, locking in a safe or taking backup devices home needed


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