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Flyford Connect provide IT Support in Retford to SME’s. We have a variety of customers in Retford, from a Vacuum Excavation to a Graphics Design Company. Business in Retford is booming and the advances in connectivity are giving companies the ability to share their data quickly and securely. We are finding the new link roads and airport are bringing in a lot of investment from huge companies such as Amazon and Next.

Managed IT Support For Business includes

  • Proactive Network Monitoring and Solutions
  • Crisis Response
  • Onsite / Remote Technical Support
  • Network Management
  • Proactive IT Solutions
  • A Fixed Monthly Rate
  • A Package tailored to meets your Business requirements

Call: 01777 586120

“Hi everybody my name’s Phil from Flyford Connect, IT support, Services and Telephone systems.
We provide IT support and services to Retford businesses and into the surrounding areas, which is
really exciting because Retford is the town that I grew up in.

Are you looking for IT support or have concerns about your current IT setup? Then why not give us a call.

Flyford Connect thrive to be the best IT company in the area by providing unrivaled response times, increasing your
business’s efficiency, productivity and security. We can visit your office to carry out a no-obligation audit to discuss your requirements and highlight
any areas of concern.

Remember we are here to identify any frustrations or concerns and highlight where improvements can be made.

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a great day”

Managed IT Support For Business in Retford

When IT goes wrong is can be costly to fix. At Flyford Connect our monthly Managed IT Support contracts you can save both time and money. Our Managed IT support offers proactive solutions, with 24/7 network monitoring, we aim to find the problems before they find you. At Flyford Connect, we want your IT to help, not hinder your business functionality and growth. Our Managed IT Support Contracts can be tailored to meet your business needs and budget no matter how big or small your company may be. With Managed IT Support for your Business you know up front the monthly cost, and with our proactive monitoring we can help eliminate down time, ensuring your business runs more efficiently. Remember “Work Smarter, Not Harder!” Flyford Connect

IT Crisis Response in Retford

In the event of an IT crisis we are on hand to get your business back to full capacity. Typically, any business that comes to standstill because of an IT emergency will get our full support even if they are not currently a Flyord customer. We prefer an onsite visit to but issues right, but there are times where remote support is appropriate.

Priority response is given for IT support for problems such as:

  • Sever down – No access to shared data
  • Internet down – Unable to browse the Internet, receive orders / emails
  • Wireless or Cable Network issues – Connectivity issues with multiple computers which impacts the company
  • Email not working – Bounce backs, emails failing to receive or deliver
  • Phone Lines not working

Pay As You Go IT Support in Retford

At Flyford Connect we understand that a Managed IT Support Contract may not be suitable or sustainable for small business owners. However, we do offer a PAYG service to meet your needs.

To find out how we can help support your business, with no monthly commitment, Contact us today.

Outsourcing your IT needs to Flyford Connect saves money while providing a seamless IT Support Service. We pride ourselves in providing friendly and a familiar service which means your staff get to know us as part of the team therefore trust us to help them, no matter how trivial. Flyford Connect are here to help.

why outsource your it

Why Outsource IT Services?

There are many reasons why individual business choose to outsource their IT.

These may include:

  • Lower costs
  • To focus on your own business
  • Increased efficiency offering variable capacity
  • Access to a large skill base
  • No Holiday or Sick leave to cover
  • Flexibility with Support Arrangements
  • Regular Customer Service Reviews
  • Lower ongoing investment in internal infrastructure
  • Predicting on going costs in an IT Budget

We use Remote Monitoring, Management and Maintenance as part of our IT Support Service for Business.

Saving you Money

We find a lot of small business try to manage their IT requirements themselves without any expert help. While business owners are trying to fix issues with there systems, it means they are not working on their own business generating revenue. For something that could take you hours to rectify could take us minutes.

Future Ready

We are always looking forward to the next technological break through within a business environment. Technology moves so fast we want to assure we can advise our customers accordingly. SaaS (Software as a Service) takes software packages and makes them available via a web browser.

Project Management

Do you have any projects on the horizon? Maybe you wonder how different services will integrate with each other. Why not let us help you evaluate your different options and costs to help make the right decisions to drive your business forward

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