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Managed IT Support For Business in Lincoln

When IT goes wrong it can be costly to fix. At Flyford Connect our monthly Managed IT Support Contracts you can save both time and money. Our Managed IT support offers proactive solutions, with 24/7 network monitoring, we aim to find the problems before they find you. At Flyford Connect, we want your IT to help, not hinder your business functionality and growth. Our Managed IT Support Contracts can be tailored to meet your business needs and budget no matter how big or small your company may be. With Managed IT Support for your Business you know the monthly cost up-front, and with our proactive monitoring we can help eliminate down time, ensuring your business runs more efficiently.

Remember “Work Smarter, Not Harder!” Flyford Connect

Managed IT Support Lincoln Services:

IT Support Lincoln

Our team at Flyford Connect are always on hand to help, whether it be for additional IT assistance or a request for a fully outsourced Managed IT Support!

We provide each of our clients with a tailored approach in providing IT Support, so there is no more time or resources spent unnecessarily. This will allow you to concentrate on the things which matter most… your business goals!

Professional IT Company in Lincoln

Flyford Connect provides incomparable IT Services to an extensive range of businesses in Lincoln, South Yorkshire and throughout the whole of the UK.

If you or your company are interested in understanding more about the different ways in which our Managed IT Support can add value to your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our highly qualified team today!

Why Use Our Managed IT Support for Businesses in Lincoln?

Fixing IT when things begin to go wrong can leave you with an expensive bill. But, with our monthly Managed IT Contracts you can be sure to save money and time which can be put back into your business!

Choosing our Managed IT Support, you will be provided with proactive solutions along with round-the-clock network monitoring. If there is an issue, we aim to discover the cause before it finds you.

We always want to know that your IT is helping your business, not hindering its functionality and growth.

Whether you have a small or large business, we can tailor our Managed IT Contracts to meet the needs and budget you require.

Choosing Managed IT Services for your business allows you to be aware of your monthly up-front costs and with our proactive monitoring, we can help you eliminate any unnecessary downtime and maintain the efficient running of your business.

Dynamic IT Support for Businesses in Lincoln

Managing IT Infrastructures can be time-consuming as well incredibly complicated, which is why many internal IT support teams can find themselves requiring further assistance.

We provide our clients with round-the-clock oversight to identify any potential issues in your network or IT systems before they reach you and cause unnecessary implications. These issues will be rectified immediately.

Our Clients in Lincoln

We believe that there are no two businesses alike, which can also be true for business network configurations.

With this is mind, we understand that there will be a range of different demands and requests from our clients depending on their desired goal. Therefore, we have created a large range of different IT services in order to facilitate all of our clients in and around Lincoln, based around varying time frames.

On-site / Remote IT Support in Lincoln

Within our team, we provide on-site assistance, remote support, and break-fix services when this is required. These are all a part of our managed onsite IT Support and provides the option of developing a bespoke arrangement to offer IT Services for Lincoln business which need a flexible solution.

Learn more about our cost-effective IT assistance by contacting us. Alternatively, find out more on the developments on customised solutions which meet your requirements.

With this is mind, we understand that there will be a range of different demands and requests from our clients depending on their desired goal. Therefore, we have created a large range of different IT services in order to facilitate all of our clients in and around Lincoln, based around varying time frames.

IT Technician Support in Lincoln

We have a great team of highly qualified technicians which have gained years of experience working beside our in-house IT departments in Lincoln and other surrounding areas.

Our team will work alongside your departments to maintain the level of quality whilst applying technical assistance if deemed necessary.

Remote IT Support in Lincoln

We appreciate how important data security is for your business, so we ensured that this was at the centre of our managed IT solutions.

We can provide your business with comprehensive information security and protection assistance, providing you are based in Lincoln. We will be on hand to help you!

Flyford Connect: Your Local Lincoln IT Support Specialist

Due to us being a locally owned and operated business, we are dedicated in providing support to our local community and providing them with first-rate IT solutions for other Lincoln businesses.

We are continuously handling a variety of service providers in Lincoln and other surrounding areas to take one less worry away from them.

If you are a local business to Lincoln, please get in touch and we would be more than happy to discuss a solution which will encourage your business to thrive.

Affordable for Small Businesses in Lincoln

Having confidence in the assistance you receive from your chosen IT Support provider is paramount for any business owner or manager.

However, we often see many business IT strategies focus solely on matching the demands of larger industries only which leaves the smaller businesses unable to afford the services.

Keeping this in mind, we have developed a ‘Pay As You Go’ model which is specifically designed for smaller businesses on a budget which are still interested in IT support. There is no need to worry about lengthy and costly contracts as there are none involved with this!

IT Support Contracts

Both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the primary focus which means that you can be confident in receiving the same high-quality level of care as all our other clients.

This is why we have based our pricing on the level of assistance you receive. From fully managed IT Support Contracts to our ‘Pay As You Go’ Model, we have many options depending on the needs.

Local IT Support in Lincoln

If you require immediate IT assistance and you are based in Lincoln, we can be just minutes away. One of our on-site technicians can be on hand to help get your team back up and running without chaotic disruptions being caused.

Support IT Roles

Being able to recognise an issue before they transpire can prevent unfortunate downtime as well as disruptions. Our service desk support features have been methodically created to match your requirements whilst protecting your IT system.

Is IT Support Necessary for My Business?

Cyber threats are becoming more apparent each day with the risks becoming higher which means it is important to consider protecting your business. Prevent potential downtime by outsourcing your IT to a local team of IT professionals who understand the system and are aware of the most effective solutions on today’s market.

IT Solutions in Lincoln at a Reasonable Price

With the economy becoming increasingly difficult, businesses are looking for ways to protect their resources.

If decreasing costs and protecting resources is on your long list of jobs-to-do, then allow us to remove them off your list and help you fix this issue with our Managed IT Support services.

Here at Flyford Connect, we provide our business owners in Lincoln exceptional customer services, disaster recovery, and technical support.

IT Security in Lincoln

If you are considering working in a commercial function or trade digitally without the protection of assistance from IT professionals, you are increasing the risk of leaving yourself exposed to data breaches.

 Issues can range from software errors to security violations. Becoming malware vulnerable highlights the urgency to reduce your level of exposure to these and other similar threats.

 Inadequate security can do considerable damage to your operation and reputation, ranging from business downtime to secret information leakage. So, take the initiative and call us right now!

What Other IT Support Services Do You Offer?

Flyford Connect provides a wide range of specialised and standard services to fulfil your requirements. This includes the following: Backup and Disaster Recovery, IT Consultancy and Project Management, Cloud Hosted Infrastructure Implementation and much more.

If You Are Based in Lincoln, Call Us Today & Find Out How We Can Help You

If you want effective IT Support in the Lincoln area, then call us today on01522 300 056. No matter the service you require, we will have you covered!

Our professionals will go over all of your requirements and conditions with you to guarantee that you receive the best and most appropriate support plan.

We’ve built a solid reputation for providing professional and courteous customer service as well as rapid and effective IT solutions that ensure your business works effectively.

Free Lincoln IT Solutions Quote

Every business’s IT infrastructure is distinct, from the models and programmes it employs to the number of units and network it employs. Whether you’re only utilising your personal computer or have a fully functional intranet, we’ll have the answers you need.

Get in touch with our experts or fill out our quote form and we will come back to you swiftly with the best options available for you!

What Our Customer's Say

We contacted Phil at Flyford Connect when we were experiencing major problems with our network system.

His response and efficient manner of dealing with the issues was first class. Based on this, we have contracted Flyford Connect to manage all our IT requirements. We are already 5 months into our first years contract and the service and customer-focused delivery is excellent.

The best part for me is that the continual problems we had with our system have gone and what was once a problem constantly raised at our weekly meetings, very rarely gets a mention now.

Gavin Marsden

PCMS Engineering Ltd

Phil & the team at Flyford Connect have played an integral part in the expansion of Green Mile Trees IT systems. We couldn’t have done it without them. They have always been there to resolve various problems along the way, big or small. We would highly recommend Flyford and thank them for all their help.


Green Mile Trees

Phil was our main point of contact at Flyford Connect who we contacted when we were experiencing problems with our backup servers.

He is very professional and obviously knowledgeable in this specialist field, as he was able to diagnose the situation and suggest a workable solution almost immediately. Since helping us we haven’t had a single issue with our backup servers, therefore I would highly recommend Flyford Connect.

Luke Dixon

57 Digital

I have used the services of Flyford now for the past year and they are excellent. They are responsive to my emails or calls and deal with issues and requests I have timely and effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.


Home Instead Senior Care

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