Manage your Passwords

We all have a lot of passwords to remember. The problem of needing to remember a lot of passwords means one of two things happens.

  1. Passwords are written down in a book and kept in an insecure location
  2. The same password is used across multiple services and platforms

Password managers help solve both these issues. When you add an entry to your manager a random password is generated for you to use on that website or system you have signed up to. It is a lot more secure as they contain random characters and are often quite long.

It also means you have one secure password to remember to gain access to your other documented passwords. – Last pass is a popular online Password Manager which works across multiple platforms – KeePass is an offline program that installs on you Mac or Windows device. We prefer KeePass because it is offline and not open to targeted attack.

If using an offline Password Manager, remember to back it up somewhere secure. Also, to access your manager, use a difficult password for anyone else to guess.

  • Don’t just use one password for different systems
  • You a phrase, rather than a word
  • Include numbers, capital letters and symbols
  • Make your password at least 12 characters long
  • Remember your new password, don’t write it down unless it is stored in a safe

KeePass Screenshots

Below are some example screen shots of KeePass

Saving you Money

We find a lot of small business try to manage their IT requirements themselves without any expert help. While business owners are trying to fix issues with there systems, it means they are not working on their own business generating revenue. For something that could take you hours to rectify could take us minutes.

Future Ready

We are always looking forward to the next technological break through within a business environment. Technology moves so fast we want to assure we can advise our customers accordingly. SaaS (Software as a Service) takes software packages and makes them available via a web browser.

Project Management

Do you have any projects on the horizon? Maybe you wonder how different services will integrate with each other. Why not let us help you evaluate your different options and costs to help make the right decisions to drive your business forward

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