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Your Business Could Benefit From Managed Print Solutions

From small desktop printers to giant A3/A4 workhorses and everything in between, we have a solution for you. All of this is made possible through industry-exclusive funding solutions and maintenance terms, as well as unrivalled support.

Is your Printing Setup Helping Your Business?

Our Managed Print Solutions Will!

Printing is a common source of frustration in a company’s IT system. It’s difficult to know which solutions are ideal for your company when there are thousands of them. We’re excited to announce that we can now provide a fully managed printing solution with terms that are customized to fit neatly into your existing operations and IT infrastructure.

We have everything available from small desktop printers to giant A3/A4 workhorses and wide format printers, and anything in between. All of this is made possible through industry-exclusive funding solutions and maintenance terms, as well as our unmatched IT and printing support.

Managed Print Solutions - Available Products

Available Products

We put considerable effort into ensuring that the products we recommend to you are suitable for their intended use and will last for a long time.

We will perform a thorough evaluation of your current print setup, listing both the strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for improvement. We don’t only aim to save you money but also time!

We can provide you with anything from small, monochrome desktop printers, to giant A3/A4 freestanding colour copiers, and everything in between!

Print Audit

Are you tired of having to pay exorbitant prices for Toner Cartridges?

No matter the business, it’s an all too common mistake for companies who are looking to start printing to only look at the cost of equipment and not the continued running costs.

To remain competitive, retailers like ‘Printerland’ market their inventory with tiny margins which at first glance appear to be a more cost-effective solution.

That is, until you consider the total cost of ownership, and just how much it will cost to run printing for a client.

After all, both toner and printer cartridges are very expensive.

Our managed print solutions have the potential to save you up to 85% on operational costs if you utilize smaller desktop devices and spend over £50 per month on consumables.

Contact us to organise a no-obligation print audit where we can examine your present situation and pinpoint where improvements can be made.

Maintenance & Support

Whenever purchasing or leasing office equipment you should ask yourself:

What is included in the purchase or lease?

What happens if something goes wrong?

At Flyford Connect, our service and maintenance agreement will ensure: “Everything is included except for the paper you print on, staples (where applicable) and the electricity you use”.

We include the following items:

All Callouts / All Repairs  All Parts / All Service & Support / All Consumables (Toners including Colours*, Drums*, Ink Sticks*, Maintenance kits*, Fuser Kits*, Waste Toner Containers*) 

*where applicable for your device and machine build.

Funding Solutions

Do you currently have a lease on your printing equipment?

That might not be the most effective strategy…

Leasing printing equipment frequently ends in a customer spending significantly more than necessary and receiving a net deficit at the end of the arrangement.

Some firms are adamant about leasing their printing equipment, which is completely acceptable!

However, as an ethical supplier, we believe it is critical to enter into a lease with all of the information necessary to understand the terms.

That is why we include a full explanation (in every proposal we make) of how a lease is calculated and exactly what you’re paying for. This includes any administrative costs, insurance policies, and interest that are typically hidden by many managed print suppliers.

We provide a cost-effective alternative to leasing, which allows you to retain complete control over your printing setup for many years to come.

Apps & Software

Apps are an integral part of everyday business life. They have streamlined many everyday tasks so they are now simpler than ever.

This has also translated to changes in the printing landscape.

Printing devices have evolved accordingly, with clients not only being able to print remotely from mobile devices but being able to scan and print directly to the cloud. This has contributed greatly towards making document digitization and existing workflow seamless.

The majority of our print solutions come with intuitive applications and integrated software solutions built-in and additional bespoke apps.

We aim to understand your workflows and help implement software to aid your business processes.

Data Security

As with any business, data security is a priority at Flyford Connect.

Whilst many security protocols protect computers and networks, printing devices and their vulnerabilities are often overlooked.

Modern commercial printing devices have hard drives and network connectivity. They can be just as vulnerable to data theft as any other main point in your business’s IT infrastructure.

Our print solutions are fully protected by class-leading data security products.

Industry Information:

Are you locked into a long service agreement that instead of helping, is only hindering your business?

It’s all too common for us to talk to clients who have locked themselves into significant copier service agreements which contain suspect clauses that aren’t in their best interests.

Flyford Connect’s print solutions meet our clients’ needs by offering short-term rolling contracts which allow greater flexibility. We prioritize your peace of mind by being transparent and letting you know there won’t be any clauses that work against you.

Be on the lookout for unethical printing services!

Unfortunately, within the managed printing industry there are numerous unethical practices aimed at initially hooking a customer’s attention and then setting them up with hidden costs further into the contract.

As with anything in business, if it looks too good to be true…then it most likely is!

If you have already entered into, or are looking to enter into, a managed print contract and need some assistance in analysing it to see whether any clauses exist that want to catch you out – then get in touch with us today!

What Our Customer’s Say

We contacted Phil at Flyford Connect when we were experiencing major problems with our network system.

His response and efficient manner of dealing with the issues was first class. Based on this, we have contracted Flyford Connect to manage all our IT requirements. We are already 5 months into our first years contract and the service and customer-focused delivery is excellent.

The best part for me is that the continual problems we had with our system have gone and what was once a problem constantly raised at our weekly meetings, very rarely gets a mention now.

Gavin Marsden

PCMS Engineering Ltd

Phil & the team at Flyford Connect have played an integral part in the expansion of Green Mile Trees IT systems. We couldn’t have done it without them. They have always been there to resolve various problems along the way, big or small. We would highly recommend Flyford and thank them for all their help.


Green Mile Trees

Phil was our main point of contact at Flyford Connect who we contacted when we were experiencing problems with our backup servers.

He is very professional and obviously knowledgeable in this specialist field, as he was able to diagnose the situation and suggest a workable solution almost immediately. Since helping us we haven’t had a single issue with our backup servers, therefore I would highly recommend Flyford Connect.

Luke Dixon

57 Digital

I have used the services of Flyford now for the past year and they are excellent. They are responsive to my emails or calls and deal with issues and request I have timely and effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.


Home Instead Senior Care

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