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Why You Need Microsoft 365 For Your Business

Formerly Office 365, Microsoft 365 brings many crucial benefits that can help individual businesses to overcome their own specific challenges.

Microsoft 365, and Office 365 respectively, offer many useful software programs that include, but are not limited to, the following:

These programs are some of the most crucial features Microsoft 365 can provide for your business. Let’s look at what each of these programs offers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows for functions such as online video calling, screen sharing, audio conferencing and messaging.

It also allows you to store your documents in SharePoint so that you can share files with your colleagues as well as giving you and your colleagues the ability to simultaneously work on the same document.

You can even create a planner, which is extremely useful as it can be used to assign tasks to specific people.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word’s basic function is to create text documents. Within the program itself, it provides the user with a multitude of options for creating, editing, and formatting the documents they make.

This includes being able to add images to your documents, detecting grammatical errors and being able to insert things such as graphs and tables into your work.

Microsoft Excel

Excel at its core is spreadsheet software that is typically used to store and sort data, produce graphs and charts, and perform financial analysis.

It is also commonly used in business for project management, performance reporting and managing programs.

It is used across all business functions and at companies from small to large.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager software system that can be used on computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

It can not only be used to send and receive email messages but also to manage your calendar, track your tasks and store the names and numbers of your contacts.


This feature is an application creator that enables users to build mobile and web-based forms and apps with low or no code.

The apps that it enables can interact with data sources and services within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

This software system can be used for multiple processes involving workflow, automation, data visualisation and reporting, collaboration and more.

Power Automate

Formerly known as Microsoft Flow. Flow is a process and task automation tool that helps connect different applications and services together.

Power Automate’s most common use is to trigger notifications when something happens.

These notifications can be in the form of emails, text messages, or push notifications on your phone.

There are other uses for it though, such as synchronising files and collecting data.

Microsoft 365 Packages:

The services and programs available in your Microsoft 365 subscription depends on your requirements. We can help you to decide which plan is suitable for you and your business. The Microsoft 365 plans can be mixed and matched, so if some services aren’t needed for some users, you don’t pay for them.

At Flyford Connect, our clients primarily use one of four Microsoft 365 plans.

Those plans are:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly Office 365 Business Premium)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly Microsoft 365 Business)
  • Microsoft 365 Apps

For larger businesses, the Enterprise packages are a better fit. More information on Enterprise licenses is available on request.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic:

With this package, you receive Microsoft Teams and access to SharePoint, along with web and mobile versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

As well as this, you receive a 50GB email mailbox, as well as 1TB of OneDrive storage for file storage and sharing.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard:

The Business Standard package offers all the features that the Business Basic plan has, but you also get access to Microsoft Bookings, which allows users to view, manage and schedule appointments, as well as getting access to desktop versions of Office 365 apps for PC or Mac.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium:

Business Premium includes everything that the Microsoft 365 Business Standard package has to offer, with the additional add-ons of advanced cyber threat protection and device management that improve security for your business environment.

This plan is more expensive than Business Basic and Business Standard, but as it has advanced threat protection as well as PC and mobile device management, this plan is more than worth it.

Microsoft 365 Apps:

This package comes with exactly what the name suggests, Microsoft Apps! You get full access to both the web and mobile versions of Office apps, as well as the desktop versions too.

Microsoft Forms also comes included, which can be used to gather feedback from your customers and employees. As with Microsoft 365 Business Basic, you get 1TB of OneDrive storage for file storage and sharing, as well as being able to access and synchronise files on PC or Mac and mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Microsoft 365 good for a small business?

Microsoft 365 (MS 365) is an essential addition to your business, as it is a whole package of products and solutions that give both employers and their employees everything that they need to work effectively and efficiently. For small businesses especially, Microsoft 365 continues to be a complete service that makes it easy to configure your IT infrastructure, store data, collaborate on projects and more.


Which Microsoft Office do I need for my small business?

MS Business Premium is recommended for Small Businesses. It offers all the features of the Standard Package but has some great security features that, if configured correctly, help secure your data and the data of your clients. The Business Standard package is most common for small businesses, as it offers all the features of the cheaper plans, with the bonus of getting access to desktop versions of Office 365 apps for PC and Mac. However, you do risk not protecting your data and that of your clients.

Why do small businesses need Office 365?

Office 365 offers many useful software programs that include Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. These features are crucial for running a business, as their purposes include helping your team communicate and work on projects, writing documents, making spreadsheets, making presentations, sending and receiving emails and more.

What is the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365?

While Office 365 and Microsoft 365 may appear very similar at a first glance, they are not the same service. Where Office 365 is a service that provides cloud-based applications such as Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc), SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive. Microsoft 365 is a subscription that can include the features of Office 365 but includes more features tailored towards securing users’ devices and data. Most MS 365 subscriptions also include several useful add-ons such as Mailbox Backup and Yammer (Internal Social Media Platform for business).

Do I need Office 365 to use Outlook?

Most MS Licenses include Outlook. If you are not licensed to use the Office Desktop Applications you may have restricted us to Outlook. We would recommend getting advice on the level of subscription you require for your business needs.

How do I set up Office 365 for my small business?

Our advice would be to use a local experienced IT supplier and provider (managed IT service provider) to set up and manage your Office 365 Business account. To set up an office 365 business account for your business, go to the website , look at the packages that are most suitable for you and your business then follow the steps to create your first business account.

What are the pros and cons of Office 365?

One of the benefits of Microsoft 365 is the variety of different licenses to suit the business. Some of the licenses bring a higher level of security, with which restrictions can be put in place as to where users can access Microsoft documents from. For example, if they are outside of the UK, you can restrict the data that they can access. Another benefit of Microsoft/Office 365 is the amount of storage space each user is automatically assigned, which is 1TB. This can allow companies to save money on larger hard drives for data storage. One of the biggest downsides to Office 365, however, is that when you want to incorporate some of the more granular security measures, it can take a lot of research to get the answers you need. Out-of-date Microsoft versions can also be a hindrance due to the pace at which the systems are updated. We would recommend you consult an experienced IT supplier and Provider (managed IT service provider) to help tailor and implement your requirements.


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We contacted Phil at Flyford Connect when we were experiencing major problems with our network system.

His response and efficient manner of dealing with the issues was first class. Based on this, we have contracted Flyford Connect to manage all our IT requirements. We are already 5 months into our first years contract and the service and customer-focused delivery is excellent.

The best part for me is that the continual problems we had with our system have gone and what was once a problem constantly raised at our weekly meetings, very rarely gets a mention now.

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He is very professional and obviously knowledgeable in this specialist field, as he was able to diagnose the situation and suggest a workable solution almost immediately. Since helping us we haven’t had a single issue with our backup servers, therefore I would highly recommend Flyford Connect.

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