Many businesses rely upon an in-house IT team who can manage and solve any IT issues that may occur while running their business. Although these in-house teams bring their advantages, many business owners may feel that investing in a Managed Service may be a more favourable option. Managed IT Services are provided by a Managed Service Provider (MSP). MSP’s, also known as Managed IT Providers, are a brilliant investment for any business and can help your operations scale up and scale down as needed. As technology advances rapidly, most internal IT services are not sufficiently equipped to keep up with the rate of progression. Consequently, many businesses will discover that their IT infrastructure is reactive, rather than proactive. As well as this, they may find that their in-place systems struggle to keep up with the needs of a growing business, especially as the world becomes increasingly digital.

If, as a business owner you have ever dismissed the concept of outsourcing your IT Services and Support to a third-party provider, then now may be the time to reconsider. However, it is imperative to understand the return that outsourced services can bring before making quick decisions. When talking about Managed Service Providers, it becomes clear that they can bring several benefits that directly correlate to making financial savings.

Here are some of the main benefits of managed IT services and why you should consider it for your business:


 2. Reduced Costs

It is possible to reduce infrastructure costs in multiple ways by switching to a Managed IT Service. Your MSP will use a combination of Cloud and Local IT Services to fulfil your IT requirements. By utilising Cloud Services, you not only save on the cost of the hardware, but you also save on the amount of electricity used and the amount of space taken up in your business premises to house your IT set-up. Also included in the reductions are costs associated with licensure, training, and consultation. All with a single monthly investment. These services do not get removed to save you money. Instead, they are consolidated and better managed by a single provider.

 2. Higher User Productivity

Consider MSPs as an extra set of hands that can quickly resolve IT-related issues in the office. Our specialists are responsible for providing an agreed-upon set of IT services to our clients. Routine maintenance, IT projects, software protection, monitoring, and data integration are all handled by service providers, who also deal with many other jobs. Business owners will see a positive impact on workplace productivity, as they and their employees will spend less time needing to solve IT obstacles and issues themselves. It is so much so the case that Insight found that 55% of small business owners feel that their current technology solutions are more of a “hindrance to incorporating or adopting new technologies” than not.

 3. Minimised Risk

MSPs make use of a variety of IT system configurations, including private cloud, public cloud, hybrid, and local IT systems. Enterprises and Small Businesses benefit from a wide range of advantages, including: Business owners can access data from any location in the world at any time. Cloud-storage makes it simple to access and share information from any device, including a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Business owners can strengthen their disaster recovery procedures. The fact that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) do not store data on-site means less danger of data loss in the case of a disaster. MSPs can also help you save money by lowering your downtime. Power outages, computer malfunctions, and software problems are all things that might harm company operations. Furthermore, significant amounts of sensitive data and financial information may be at risk.


4. Managed IT Service Providers are Proactive

Managed IT Providers are driven and focused on their craft, and by using the latest hardware, software, and analytics, many problems can be found and resolved before they ever happen. Because of this, business owners have the option to safeguard their organisations against potential data threats. It is not unusual for business owners to feel that they want to retain control over their in-house systems; however, this may result in vulnerabilities. At Flyford Connect, we work alongside business owners to scale IT operations, improve work quality, and keep clients happy. Though working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) takes an initial outlay, these professionals can potentially give businesses a decently large return on their investment. These businesses will not be required to manage and maintain their IT systems themselves, nor will they be required to pay for additional IT workers to upgrade software and fix problems. An increasing number of business owners are looking for ways to increase productivity while also reducing risks in the workplace. It should be no surprise, then, that the demand for Managed Service Providers has surged in recent years. According to industry analysts, the Managed IT Services market may reach a value of $274 billion by the year 2026.

5. Predictable Monthly Costs

Managed IT Services result in you paying a fixed rate each month, no matter what IT events occur. As a result, you will know accurately what to budget for and what service you will receive, allowing you to be more flexible when investing in other areas. Therefore, keeping track of your expenses is now easier than ever.

6. 24/7 Support

An MSP eliminates the anxiety about availability because the majority of them provide 24/7 flexibility, on-call choices, and weekend assistance (though it is crucial to remember that these often are offered as cost-based options).


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